Walton Residence Solar Array 10.2 KW

This system was installed in December of 2014 and consists of (40) 255 watt solar modules.  Snap n’ Rack ground mount was utilized for the racking.

Capital High School Solar Array 10.2 KW

This was installed in the fall of 2014 and consists of (40) 255 watt solar modules.  

East Gate Fire Station

16 photovoltaic panels 5 KW Grid-Tied simple racking for economic install

Rabold Residence

4 KW Photovoltaic Electric System. Xantrex XW4024 Inverter Power system with battery back-up

Helena High School

20 Photovoltaic panels 4.7 KW rated Capacity Grid tied Custom rack Educational value

Rude Residence

4.7 KW PV system Enphase Micro Inverters Direct power and Wind Top of pole Mount

Burtchett Residence

10 kW photovoltaic array. Forty  photovoltaic modules at 250 watts each. 5 Direct Power and Wind top of Pole Mounts SMA 10 KW Inverter

Donaldson Residence

2 KW Grid-Tied Solar Array PV POWERED Inverter DP&W Top of Pole Mount

Charlie’s Pizza Restaurant CutBank, MT

5KW solar array grid-tied

Johnson Residence

(2) Zomeworks passive trackers 4 KW solar array, grid-tied: