As a potential customer of Solar Montana, you can expect some incentives in the form of tax credits.

The Federal “Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit”   allows for 30% of the total system cost in credit with no cap on the limit.  This is not a “deduction” that reduces the taxable income of a given taxpayer; it is a “credit” that reduces the actual taxes owed. If the client has insufficient tax liability to “consume” the credit during the year that the system is installed, the excess credit can be carried over to the following year.    This credit can be carried to forward until 2016 when the credit is slated to expire.  We can help you use IRS Form 5695 to reduce your tax liability.

The Montana “Residential Alternative Energy System Tax” allows for a $500 tax credit for individual tax payer or $1,000 for household.  It can be carried forward for four years, and is not set to expire.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency – DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As well as incentives, there are loan programs which allow  for low interest rates to help the home owner or business get started.

  •  Alternative Energy Loan Program Montana Department of Environmental Quality offers low interest loans for the construction of alternative energy systems.  2014 rates are 3.25% on approved credit.
  • We have financing relationships through a number of local area banks.  Contact us for details.

Memberships and Associations

  • North American Board of Energy Practitioners – NABCEP offers certifications and certificate programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America. Considered a very rigorous application and testing process, this certification is the most sought after in the solar industry.
  • Alternative Energy Resources Organization – AERO is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to solutions that promote resource conservation and local economic vitality. AERO nurtures individual and community self reliance through programs that support sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and environmental quality.
  • Montana Green Power – Explore these pages to learn what’s happening in solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies in Montana. You’ll find the latest renewable energy news, information on planning and designing your own solar, wind and micro–hydro systems, activities for the classroom, updates on utility restructuring, and links to other useful sites.
  • Montana Renewable Energy Association – Promotes renewable energy in the state of Montana.
  • National Center for Appropriate Technology – Local solutions for a sustainable future.
  • The Student Advocates for Valuing the Environment Foundation – Works in Helena and across Montana – we lead the way in finding tangible ways to protect the environment through daily habits, awareness, and policy.