Helena IR Solar Story: Profiling the 2nd biggest solar installation in the State, Reporter Derrek Brouwer highlights Montana’s burgeoning solar industry by interviewing Solar Montana’s Jackson Isbell and PV integrator J. Sky Orndoff.

Public Radio News Broadcast : On 3/24/2014, Reporter Dan Boyce does a pretty big story on the recent increase in solar projects in the State.  Features glimpses of the River Rock Residences project and an interview with Jack Isbell.

River Rock Residences 84.5 KW  Press release for the River Rock Residences solar system.

This project is a compilation of 34 separate grid tie systems, each comprising 10 REC 250 watt Solar Modules.  Installed on the roofs of the new “River Rock Residences” senior living complex North of Custer Ave, energy generated by the panels credits against each resident’s electricity bills.  Completed in January 2014, this is the second biggest PV solar installation in the State of Montana.



Helena High School 4.7 KW

This project utilizes 20 REC 245 watt Solar Modules.  A custom designed rack made this possible.  As part of an educational outreach program, a kiosk was placed in the main lobby, which provides information such as solar cell temperature, solar irradiance, wind speed and

Isbell next to Helena High School solar array

Isbell next to Helena High School solar array

ambient temperature.  It also calculates how much money has been saved in electricity as well as Carbon off-sets.


Helena Housing Authority 3.8 KW

Approached in 2008, Solar Montana installed this 3.2 KW Solar array in 2009 to help the Helena Housing Authority offset their electrical usage.






Solar Montana’s first commercial soon to air on local networks