Solar Montana

Services Offered

Solar Montana provides free estimates in the Helena area, and a reasonable rate for site analysis out of town. Each estimate receives a detailed shade analysis report, and a detailed estimate highlighting Return on Investment.

There are two basic types of solar installations: Grid-tie and off grid.

For those concerned with power outages we recommend grid tied systems with battery back-up.

Grid Tied Solar Installation

Solar modules contain no moving parts, and include power production warranties up to 25 years. There are many different mounting options available, including roof mount, ground mount, and pole mount.

Helena, Montana, has excellent solar irradiance; we receive about 4.7 hours of peak sunlight on average. “Peak sunlight” means the amount of time when the suns rays are producing about a 1000 watts per square meter.  Peak sunlight hours are typically used to calculate solar module production.

Solar Montana will conduct a thorough site analysis to insure that the proposed installation is optimal for solar production. Through the use of a solar shade obstruction tools, we can accurately tell you if any obstructions will cause shading at any time of the year.

Off-Grid Solar Installation

When grid power is out of reach and you still want the modern convenience of electricity, an off grid solar system can provide your solution.  We design and install systems designed to service small remote cabins to full time residences.  Each off grid application has unique design requirements based on the user, the location, and the power loads.  Our experience with the right system design and product selection will help you make all the right decisions