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Grid-Tied Solar Installation

When you’re connected to the grid but seeking a sustainable and cost-effective way to lower your utility bill y, a grid-tied solar installation offers the perfect solution. Our expert team specializes in designing and installing grid-tied systems tailored to meet the energy needs of homes and businesses.. 

Grid tied systems operate through a process called “net-metering.”  In general a home or business is allowed to either use power from the grid or store excess solar power there, allowing for a credit in the future.  For most utilities this net metering cycle is for a 12 month increment.  

Our Process: 

  1. After first contact with our team we will request an electrical bill containing your usage in kWh, as well as some other information about your home.  We will determine what your goals are, and what kind of installation you are requesting, i.e. roof, ground, or pole mount. 
  1. Using advanced software and satellite imagery, we will accurately tell you of any obstructions which will cause shading at any time of the year, and any concerns/considerations we might have in regards to your system design. Finally a  proposal will be sent to you, which will include both a detailed shade analysis report and an estimate highlighting your system payback time.  Upon receipt and review of our proposal we welcome any discussion and modifications you would like to make.  
  1. Upon review of the proposal and approval from the homeowner/business owner we will conduct an in person site inspection of your site to ensure that the system will work as described. 
  2. Contract and paperwork are next in the progress.  
  3. Material acquisition and pertinent building/electrical permits are acquired.
  4. Installation of the system. 
  5. Inspection, utility paperwork verification
  6. Permission to operate and walk through! 

Whether you’re looking to reduce your electricity bills or contribute to a greener future, our grid-tied solar solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing power infrastructure and provide a solid return on your investment.

Battery Back-up

For those concerned with power outages we recommend grid-tied systems with battery back-up as standard grid tied systems do not require the added expense of batteries.  Our team will design a battery back-up system to fit the needs of your home or business based on a detailed analysis of your building’s load profile.  Our systems can integrate with a generator if extended utility outages are anticipated.     

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Off-Grid  Installation

When grid power is out of reach and you still want the modern convenience of electricity, an off-grid solar system can provide a solution.  We design and install systems intended to service small remote cabins to full time residences.  We do not, however, provide products or installs for mobile off-grid systems at this time.. 

 Each off-grid application has unique design requirements based on the user, location, and power loads.  Our extensive experience with system design and product selection will help you make all the right decisions.

General considerations for off-grid systems:

  • Load profile of the application(s)
  • 240 VAC vs 120 VAC requirements
  • Back-up power sources
  • Occupancy of building/house (frequency of use)
  • Web based monitoring requirements 
  • Generator automation 
  • Solar Resource 
  • Battery Chemistry desired
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Other Services

We are happy to provide other services upon request such as 

  • Smart Panel installation
  • Electric Vehicle Charging installation 
  • Consultation with DIYs in need of technical assistance 
  • Consultation with Homeowners interested in a forward-looking electrification plan.  

Please reach out to us through our Contact page and we’d be happy to discuss these and other options in detail.

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